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Having a secure workplace is paramount for any business. Not only is it important for protecting valuable goods, it is also crucial for the safety and well-being of your staff. We offer a wide range of commercial services. We’ve got you covered from replacing and upgrading locks, to creating master key systems that can operate throughout your entire security network. We’re dedicated to making sure your business is risk avoidant so that you can continue to deliver quality goods and services.

Commercial Grade Door Hardware supply and installation

Whether you’re looking for door locks or lockable door handles, it’s important that your doors are secure and durable. We provide security hardware services for both interior and exterior doors. You don’t have to worry about the specifics. We’ll find the hardware that’s right for your security needs, then supply and install it without delay. We install our hardware with your current lock and key systems in mind, so that they’ll be compatible with any master key systems you might have.

Rekeying and Key Replacements

There are a variety of reasons why rekeying your locks might be a smart decision. Have your commercial keys been lost or stolen? Perhaps you’ve recently suffered from a break in? Or maybe you’re just increasing the amount of staff that need access to certain areas in your building. Whatever the reason, we can assist you with getting your locks rekeyed. We will also provide you with new keys that are compatible with your reconfigured lock. This ensures that any lost or stolen keys won’t work, and that your workplace will be secure.

We also offer key duplication services if you’re looking to increase the amount of people that have access to certain areas in your building.

Lock Repairs and Installation

Locks and door handles that become broken or jammed can be a huge pain. If it comes time to fix your doors, we can help. We’ll assess the issue and perform any repairs if possible. In the event that a repair isn’t  a possibility, we can offer a replacement lock. Our locks are durable, secure and commercial grade. You can be sure that the replacements we offer are top of the line.

Restricted Key Profiles

A large issue with commercial buildings is that keys tend to be distributed among a wide range of people. This increases the likelihood that an unauthorised duplicate key could be made, and access to your building could be compromised.

Restricted key profiles are keys custom made by AJ Locksmiths that can’t be copied. This means that your keys can only be duplicated if you come to us with proper authorisation. We can work with you around how exactly you want to setup authorisation so that you have peace of mind distributing keys among staff members and other important personnel.

Safes - General and Medical

Selecting the right safe for your business can be a difficult process. There are a huge variety of options with different types of locks and it can be hard to know which safes are the most durable. We can help you choose a safe that is secure but easy to access for the owner. We can then source and install your new safe on-site for immediate storage.

We also specialise in installing medical safes for hospitals and pharmacies. Keeping drugs stored securely so that you can accurately track usage is incredibly important. We can assist with setting up a system that is secure, but easily accessible for authorised personnel so you can stay on top of drug distribution.

If you’re experiencing a safe lockout, we have all the necessary expertise and tools to help you open up your safe to access your valuable goods. We can also assist with the often complicated process of changing the combination on your safe.

Master Key Systems

Master key systems are extremely useful for people that need access to all areas of your building. Not only is it convenient, it also allows for a greater level of security. There are less keys to keep track of, so the owner of the master key will sooner know when a key is missing. This also makes the process of keeping a record of all of your keys much simpler.

By setting up master locks throughout your building(s), we can allow universal access for certain individuals with a specialized key. This key can work it conjunction with regular keys that can only unlock one lock, so you can still distribute keys with limited access among your staff and other personnel.

High Security Locks

Key bumping, lockpicking and forced entry are all common methods for getting past basic lock mechanisms. Our high security locks make it extremely difficult and expensive to pick the lock or create key bumps by requiring the key to activate multiple mechanisms at once. We also use locks made of sturdy materials with mechanisms such as deadbolts to prevent entry by force.

Access Control

If you want your security to go beyond keys and locks, we have the solution. We offer electronic locking systems that can allow you to control who has access to restricted areas of your building using swipe cards. Along with adding an extra layer of security to your business, these systems can also allow you to keep track of usage. You can keep track of who are accessing restricted locations within your business, and when.

Metal Fabrication

Sometimes the tools we have available might not perfectly fit your security needs. We can fabricate a variety of structures to increase the security of your building. From doorframes, to security walls, to access gates we have plenty of experience creating custom-made structures for an extra layer of security or reliability. Feel free to give us a call with enquiries about any unique fabrication ideas you have, we’re happy to help.

Security Consultation

Is it time for you to upgrade your building’s security? It can be difficult to know where to start, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeking new ways to prevent break-ins. We can give you an audit of your current building security and offer ways in which it can be improved. We offer a wide variety of lock and security services, so just ask. We’re happy to assist with anything from small tweaks to locks, to helping you create a completely new security system that meets the changing needs of your business.

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