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A J Locksmiths are your local locksmith. We're always just a phone call away, so keep our business card in your wallet, your electricity meter or other places you might have access to in the event of an emergency. You can rely on us for professional locksmith services in Whangarei and all surrounding areas .

Keeping people out

When you move into a new residence it is always a good idea to replace the locks. You never know how many keys may still be with with prior tenants and their associates.

If you have experienced a breach in security or have concerns about your locking systems, A J Locksmiths's expert locksmiths can install quality locking devices and alarms for maximum security and peace of mind.

Getting you in

A J Locksmiths are skilled and experienced at circumventing most types of locks. Whether you have been locked out of your home, car or business, or have lost the key to a storage or security device, we can get you in damage free to your property or Vehicle . We also offer sound advice on which security products are compatible with your needs. Contact us for more information on our locksmith services in Whangarei.

example of our locksmith services in Whangarei

Call outs

A J Locksmiths is committed to fast and reliable mobile service, so no matter what your security needs we will make sure you get back into your house, back to work or back on the road in no time!

Contact our friendly staff today for premium mobile locksmith services in Whangarei.